Episode 96 – Just saw What The Health

Episode 96
(Air Date: August 4th, 2017)

Today’s the day my first ever play opens — Off-Off-Broadway!!! (That’s a thing!)

And instead of running to the gym (Spoiler Alert: I didn’t make it) I instead busted out this episode so I could get it to you guys sooner rather than later!

I forgot to mention in this episode that I will be appearing this weekend at the National Animal Rights Conference in Washington, D.C.!  I’ll have a booth in the exhibit hall during the day on Sunday from 10am – 5pm and then I’m performing at the closing night festivities with Mistress Ginger herself!  So come say hi, and buy some merch, will ya?

In today’s episode (it’s a long one!) I interview five people who just saw the movie “What The Health” and decided then and there to go vegan!

I spoke with: Mariah Kitner, Eric Miles, Sandra Torres, Lois Thompson, and Amanda Riker.

And these are their stories!



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2 thoughts on “Episode 96 – Just saw What The Health”

  1. Samsies! I’ve watched a handful of documentaries and have made some changes but I think what set this movie apart was that it first started with the insane contradictions of the “health” associations and what they are actually promoting and how they are actually being financed. In addition to posting hypocritical food information on their site, they are also in bed with the major manufacturers of that food. For example, red meat has long been linked to heart concerns. Why then does the American Heart Association accept money from the biggest meat farmers?

    Then, the movie reminds us of what we have seen on other documentaries about the incredibly disgusting power that we feel that we have over animals that have a higher intelligence than DOGS. It showed calves being ripped from the mother so the milk could be sold to humans, the calf to become veal. It’s gross.

    Quite honestly, it is extremely challenging to know people that still consume animal products – they are able to disassociate and turn a blind eye to the health effects/benefits and the disgusting torture of animals and the extreme waste of resources. Like, my family/friends – they won’t watch “What the Health”. They are likely of the mindset “70 years of meat, bacon, cheese, milk…..or 90 years of veggies, fruits, nutritional yeast, seeds…..I’ll take the 70 years”. And frankly, that is their prerogative, with a HUGE exception…they are still making a MASSIVE contribution to straining our resources and our medical system.

    So many people are on so many medicines and feel like crap because of their DIET!! But, a doctor won’t tell you that because THEY are in bed with pharma. They get visits from reps that want to the Dr’s to use certain medicines. Dr’s get a financial kickback to prescribe those. So, people get the meds..they take two, three, seven, twelve pills a day to “feel better”, but they won’t even consider doing a vegan diet for 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months…to see if their FOOD is killing them. But, I am extreme, right?

    Our population would rather spend their money on medicines and burgers with bacon, than saying “I have more control over myself…let me try something different”. Amazingly sad that we are so okay with the status quo. Why are we? What stops people from giving up all animal proteins (meat, cheese, sour cream, butter, yogurt, milk, etc) for a plant based diet of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, beans, etc? Do they think it will be expensive? Well, use the meat budget for the veggie budget. Is it that they don’t know what you’d eat? There are a million recipes out there and cookbooks, My two favorite are “But I could never go Vegan” (by Kristy Turner) and the app “Oh She Glows” (by Angela Liddon – it’s $1.99 on the app store and you can customize what to include or not. So, you can say “only vegan recipes” or “no nut recipes”).

    What’s stopping people from starting slowly? Maybe this week they stop eating deli meat and cheese. Next week, they stop eating all dairy, the following week they stop eating all meat….and in ALL of this…for eff sake – stop eating fast food and if you must, choose a place that you can get something besides meat. Like Taco Bell, you can replace all meat with black beans instead. Leave off the cheeses & sour cream but add extra veggies in their place. Take control – stop being a robot, this is your life to choose how you live it but damn….step outside the box and see what else there is to be offered. I promise I can get you to love dates, ground flax seeds, and agave nectar.

    Whew, I feel better.

    Thank you for your podcast, I am a new listener as of this morning and I dig it! Best of luck with your show (the podcast & Broadway!)

    1. Well THANK you for that SPIRITED comment! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m really glad to know the film and the episode (and the interviews!) touched you so!

      I must say, as much as I’ve heard of “Oh She Glows” and I’m sure I’ve used a recipe or two from there over the years, I never knew about the app.

      I am recently starting to explore my inner chef much more, and though I have no food allergies of my own I am really curious about catering to the various food allergies I’ve witnessed in my years of working in the restaurant industry! Downloading it now. Can’t wait to check it out!

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