We are Big Fat Vegan Mofos!

Hey everyone! Over here at Big Fat Vegan Radio we have decided to participate in Vegan Mofo 2012 and we are SUPER JAZZED ABOUT IT!! If you don’t know about Vegan Mofo or you haven’t heard about it before please check out all the info here!

Anyways, in our usual Big Fat Vegan spirit we have decided to feature our everyday foods and how we eat as the extremely talented and funny vegans that we happen to be. Of course this will also include outings, special treats, recipes, etc. As always we just hope to spread veganthusiasm, and show everyone how easy it is to live a vegan lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our posts!

First up! BREAKFAST Ben has got a new favorite and you’ll never believe how easy it is to grab on the go!

Lately instead of going for my normal bagel with tofu cream cheese or orange juice, I’ve been going to Starbucks and ordering a Perfect Oatmeal with everything. (Everything = brown sugar, sliced almonds, and raisins). I also like to add an excessive amount of cinnamon to my oatmeal, along with some nutmeg and vanilla. This makes my oatmeal way too dry and thick, so I ask for just a SPLASH of extra water. But they always interpret “a splash” as “extra water” and I end up with terribly runny oatmeal. So after today, I decided that from now on the easiest thing will be to just ask for the whole thing DRY and a cup of hot water on the side so I can just dump everything in dry, mix it up, and THEN add the water. (A bit compulsive, perhaps, but it will be nice to finally get the ordering process down so I can always get it just right.)

I ordered this along with a banana, a package of roasted almonds, and an “Iced Venti Iced Coffee Unsweetened No Room”. I love that I have to use this many words to convey “a large iced coffee”, and I also love that in Starbucks speak, they call it an “Iced Venti Iced Coffee” — but if that’s how they call the drinks out, then that’s how I wanna order it! This breakfast is filling and delicious, and as you can tell, pretty easy to customize to your own personal taste.

Over on the west coast, Laura has been having something new for breakfast too.

Well, as all of our listeners know, Ben has been hounding me to try Almond Dream yogurt and as I am a die hard So Delicious fan, I have been putting up a bit of resistance. Not to mention that I’ve never actually SEEN Almond Dream yogurt anywhere. Anyways, I was up in San Francisco recently and I went shopping at the infamous Rainbow Grocery. I’ve been dying to check this place out and low and behold, what did they have in the cold case?

I had to buy a few containers to give it a try and the verdict is in! I love it! Fabulous texture, great flavor, and it’s a good sized portion too. Almond Dream is officially on my “vegan yogurts I like” list and I won’t lie, it’s a short list so congrats Almond Dream!

That’s all we’ve got over here from BFVR for Vegan Mofo today! Stay tuned all month for our fun updates about our favorite thing, FOOD. Happy Monday everyone!

4 thoughts on “We are Big Fat Vegan Mofos!”

  1. Breakfast has to be the easiest. Love being vegan but nothing holds me for a full four hours – love the podcast – thanks

  2. Oatmeal porridge is one of the ONLY vegan things I cannot swallow. I love oats and I love all the stuff that goes into a proper oatmeal. I just hate it! But I want to love it, cuz it’s like the perfect food!

    I’m gonna hunt down that yogurt, sounds delish.

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