Sick as a Mofo!

Hey everyone! Bad news over in CA, Laura has caught a terrible bug! To fix herself up she whipped up a big batch of her favorite “get well soup.” (the vegan “chicken soup” if you will) The recipe comes from Big Fat Vegan Hero Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who you can learn more about on her wonderful website.

This soup really will cure what ails you. A cold, broken heart, hunger, and even fear of kale! If you think you’re someone who simply doesn’t like kale, think again and try this recipe. The texture is completely transformed. The somtimes prickly green will melt in your mouth like a warm pad of Earth Balance.

It’s incredibly easy to make too, so go for it! Colleen gives you the lowdown in this simple instructional video. ENJOY.


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  1. This soup IS magic. A whole bunch of us at work were all getting ‘coldy.’ I went home, made the soup (adding some crushed red pepper, as my sweetie loves spicy) and -poof — cold gone. I went back to work like a new woman.

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