Great Gone Pie deal on Vegan Cuts!

Hey everybody! Happy Saturday!

As our listeners have heard us mention many times, we over here at Big Fat Vegan Radio are HUGE fans of Gone Pie vegan bakery. We thought we’d use today’s Vegan Mofo post to encourage you to try it out yourself!

Barbara’s baking is THE BEST. Celiac friendly, and her recipes are chock full of nutrient rich, and healthful ingredients. She makes EVERYTHING from scratch. You can order from her website. There is often the ‘treat du jour’ (or month or whatever that is in French) and also several of her goods are available on the regular. She will also do special orders, naturally. Barbara is also an amazing person, incredible animal advocate, and DID WE MENTION SHE’S THE BEST BAKER EVER???

Conveniently enough, there is an amazing Gone Pie special dessert pack up for sale over at our friend’s Vegan Cuts, so go on and get your self some damn cookies!


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