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Hey Everyone!

Ben and Laura have been tracking their food for Vegan Mofo to help decide what they want to feature on their posts. The other day, after photographing all his food, Ben had a brown epiphany! 

After a thrilling “Waacking” class at with the amazing Princess Lockerooo at Broadway Dance Center. I stopped by the new Blossom Du Jour on 43rd St & 9th Avenue for a Midtown Melt (cajun spiced seitan, Daiya cheddar, agave, guacamole, lettuce, and a chipotle aioli) which is as incredible as it sounds.  I also can never help myself when I go there — I almost always have to get dessert, so I got one of their gorgeous chocolate chip cookies (just the perfect sweetness, chewiness, crispiness…)

Though something occurred to me as I took this photo.  Do you notice anything?

Look at how much BROWN food I am eating.  Brown.  Baked.  Processed.  Refined.  Sandwiches and vegan meats and pastries.  This accounts for a huge part of my diet.  I can’t help but think of the kale salad I made on my cooking show with Jasmin and Mariann — and how absent that kind of food is from my daily life.

Tonight I hopped off the train one stop before my own to swing by Cafe Viva and see if my friend was working. Cafe Viva has an array of wonderful vegan options. They have pizzas and pastas and salads and calzones and sandwiches and soups and of course — desserts! I asked my friend for a pasta recommendation and I was shocked to learn that a place like this (which gives the appearance of just being a regular street corner pizza joint) has a totally vegan carbonara dish.

I was overwhelmed by the options they offered me for the actual pasta.  At my friend’s recommendation I ordered the organic artichoke angel hair pasta.  I had never heard of such a thing, and it was just incredible!  (their other options for pastas include: whole wheat penne, organic whole wheat spaghetti, corn spaghetti (wheat free), rice spaghetti (wheat & gluten free), or spelt spaghetti (wheat free, organic).  I can’t believe the array of noodles offered here!

My carbonara was made with organic artichoke angel hair pasta, thick slices of onions, mushrooms, vegan bacon, soy milk, and green peas. DELISH!

This dish was absolutely delicious and was served with two whole wheat garlic knots (realllllly garlicky!) which helped me sop up every last bit of the cream sauce!

I actually went to the gym three hours later with THIS monstrosity in my stomach!  (I topped it off with garlic salt and oregano)

This meal was, of course, delicious and satisfying and decadent — but after such an awesome day of exercise, I’m starting to wonder why I’m not taking better care of my body.  I work out plenty.  But it’s time to really start feeding my body better.

Stay tuned everyone as Ben plans to share his travels into greener pasteurs. I can’t wait to see what happens! Isn’t Vegan Mofo FUN??

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  1. My method for getting more greens is: kale with everything. You can steam kale and put it between your biscuits and their gravy (yay brown food!), or with a mexican dish so you don’t really taste it through the spices. I usually find non-spinach greens bitter so I have to work them into other things.

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