Laura is Obsessed with Beyond Meat!

Hey everyone!

As our listeners know, Laura recently tried Beyond Meat at her local Whole Foods and was  BLOWN AWAY.

I have been making an effort to buy Beyond Meat basically whenever I see it because I want it to take over the world. However, you are mostly at the mercy of Whole Foods preparation when it comes to this product so I wanted to highlight the ways I have found it to be the most delicious.

Possibly my number one favorite is the curried chicken salad. My Whole Foods, marks the label so it clearly says “Vegan” and sometimes it’s an orange flag instead of a white one so if you’re in the bay area check out your WF deli section to see if they offer it. I’ve heard wind that it’s headed down to LA as well so be sure to request it!

The second most amazing way I’ve had it is in this pot pie. The vegan pot pie is available pretty regularly in my area and it’s really quite fabulous. I do feel like it needs a touch of extra seasoning, I usually throw in a few spices and some salt after I’ve heated mine up, but it’s incredible to have the Beyond Meat featured in this kind of dish. Perfect texture and mouth feel. It’s actually almost scary how much it tastes like chicken.

Lastly, they offer it in as an option in their burrito bar. Amazing. What I like most about this preparation is that you can personalize it with different toppings and fillings to make it your ideal burrito. There’s a new Chipotle opening across the street and unless they can match this Beyond Meat offering they are gonna have trouble getting my business.

They also sometimes sell the strips plain in my “deli prepared prepackaged” section (I made up that title for that area, does it make sense? Not sure it has a real name) and you can cook them at home in whatever dish you like. I used them for a simple ‘chicken’ Caesar salad and it came out great. It does require a good amount of seasoning, a lot like non-vegan chicken, but I think it’s worth the trouble. I may be a bit spoiled by all the “ready to eat” pre-seasoned vegan meats out there.

Every time I try Beyond Meat I am more impressed with it. Give it a shot if you have it in your area, and if you don’t, ask your Whole Foods to carry it! Let them know you’re interested. Beyond Meat for everyone! I love it!


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