Nut Butter Races

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! For those of you who don’t know, Laura is a real nut butter junkie. We could call her an enthusiast but that would just be ridiculous. She has a problem and she needs help. No recall is gonna stop this nut butter loving fool.

Recently out shopping and perusing my favorite aisle in the grocery store, I stumbled upon this exciting looking jar.

Doesn’t it look great???

I was overcome with excitement  I immediately purchased it and rushed home to shove a large spoonful in my mouth. For the record, I am already a fan of Earth Balance peanut butter. I have tried most their flavors, and I even almost like their almond butter. (ok I am so picky and frustrated with almond butter I could probably do a whole post on it. hmmm maybe I will). So it should be noted that I do not have a problem with sweetened “no-stir” nut butter. In fact I may prefer it. I do like the all natural old fashioned kind as well but as far as an easy to grab handy jar in the cupboard goes, I like a spreadable, doesn’t need refrigeration  sweetened variety. Judge away haters.

This peanut coconut spread has a surprisingly strong taste of coconut to it. I like coconut oil (although I primarily use it for skin care) and am used to it having a pleasantly faint scent of coconut to it but I do find this flavor a touch overwhelming. After a few servings I have grown used to it and would say I like it quite a bit, however upon first taste I found it a bit off putting. Extremely coconutty. At least much more than I had expected.

Will I buy it again? Not sure. Probably not. I may try the smooth version just to see what that’s like but I think overall I find the coconut too overwhelming. I’m thinking it could be totally delicious used in a peanut sauce or stir fry though. I’m just not sure how I feel about it as a regular old butter to munch on.

*Side note: this butter looks like an exciting option for those of us attempting to avoid palm oil, no? NOT. Still contains palm oil. Figures doesn’t it? Sigh

Have a great day Mofoers!

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