Way Out Waffles

Laura took her sexy butt up to San Francisco to check out the Way Out Cafe Waffle Party. She freaking loved it!

Despite having convienantly let many people think/assume that I have moved to San Francisco, I actually have not. I live about an hour south so when I make the drive up I like to get my eat on real proper like.

Anyways I was planning a food filled weekend and while texting with my friend Melisser (of Cruelty Free Face and The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life fame) and she was all like, “I’m DJing the Waffle Party on Sunday.” My heart skipped a beat and I typed with excited fingers, “What is the Waffle Party? I want to go to there.”

The Way Out Cafe is this super cute cafe on Mission St in SF that has some awesome vegan options on their menu. And they’re doing this incredibly fun Waffle Party on Sundays where they have DJs and everyone gets all dressed up in their sixties gear. Seriously, I saw a women washing dishes in a shift dress with her hair in a perfect That Girl flip. It was so cool.

They have adorable decor and I was loving the music (knowing the DJ does not preclude me from judging the quality of the music, I wouldn’t compliment it if I did not mean it. Just so we’re clear). But most importantly the vegan waffles (and be sure to specify vegan when you order, they make non vegan waffles too) were INCREDIBLE!

It was the best waffle I ever had. There I said it. Now go! The Waffle Party is every Sunday! And if you’re looking for me I’ll be in the corner under the old celebrity expose magazines with Earth Balance on my chin. Say hi.

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