Zen Palate

An ode to Ben’s favorite restaurant!

Most people have heard how devastated I was when I got back from Iceland, only to find my local Zen Palate (and I mean LOCAL!  Like ONE block away from me!) had CLOSED!  Luckily there are still a few other locations around town.
Today after a photo shoot in my studio, I had a little time to kill before racing off to another job across town.  Halfway there, I noticed the midtown Zen Palate.  Old habits die hard.  What can I say?  Now that I can’t get Zen Palate whenever I want, I’m sorta craving it!  I got my usual, the Sweet Sour Sensation, which is soy protein nuggets and blanched broccoli which is always crunchy, fresh and delicious.  Their Taro spring rolls are super delicious too, and served with a sweet soy sauce and brown rice.  Delectable.

I’ll admit — my attempts to “greenify” my diet…. Have failed.  Maybe I can make up for this month of gluttony with an epic juice fast?

Don’t feel bad Ben! The broccoli is green!

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