Kids Love Kale!

We don’t have much to say today other than, have you watched the newest episode of The Vegan Drag Queen featuring Our Hen House yet?

Tonight I got a picture texted from my brother, Mark:

MARK: Kale is in the house!

BEN: I don’t think anything makes me happier than seeing you and your kids loving kale!!! It is THE MOST nutrient dense food IN EXISTENCE!!! There is NOTHING on earth better for you than kale!

BEN: Have you seen episode 5 of my cooking show?

MARK: We’re watching it now

BEN: ROCK! You can get nutritional yeast at Outpost. Get it in the bulk section where it’s least expensive. And get a shit-ton of it! It’s amazing for your health and tastes awesome!

BEN: Oh my God, PLEASE send me pics throughout!!! I wanna blog about this!!!!!!

MARK: You got it… Recipe is different, but its the start of something

BEN: Go for it! It’s a very adaptable recipe!!

MARK: Mom & dad really liked it and said they will eat it a few times a week

Looks like my family back home in Wisconsin is out-greening me! I better get some kale in my diet and soon! Even the BABY is eating more kale than me!

Be sure to try out this wonderful recipe yourself, and ENJOY!

**special thanks to Ben’s nieces and nephews for being the cutest kale eaters on earth!

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