We <3 Terri!

Over here at BFVR we love any excuse to rave about one of our favorite NYC vegan hot spots, Terri!

Last night, DJ Brian Kalinowski asked if he could join me to grab some food as his “first vegan experience”.

As I always like to do, I offered to share my entree with Brian so that we could each sample a few different items.

Brian’s first vegan experience was — of course — at Terri on 23rd Street. As an avid Big Fat Vegan Radio listener, he said he has heard so much about their Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch sandwich and Butterfinger Shakes that he had to try it for himself. So we shared the Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch, and a Breakfast Scramble wrap (without the hot sauce* because Brian is a wuss!)

*editor’s note: LAME BRIAN!

And of course Brian got the Butterfinger Shake. I felt that sometimes you just need a Strawberry shake so I ordered one for myself (with almond milk, of course!).  I wanted him to sample a little bit of everything, so I insisted that we split an Apple Cider Donut. They are baked, NOT fried, and they are just SO moist and delicious!

I must say, Brian was thoroughly impressed with his “first time eating vegan food”. He didn’t realize eating vegan could be so yummy, meaty, and cheesy! (and even ranch-y!) He is definitely thinking more and more about the whole going vegan thing!

We’re so glad you enjoyed Terri Brian! Anyone else need convincing? We’re available!

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