Episode 9 – Interview: Thanksgiving with Lori, Jim, & Colleen


Episode 9
(Air Date: November 16, 2012)

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?  Especially when you’re vegan!  In today’s episode we interview Lori Woolard, Jim Allen, and Colleen Patrick Goudreau to see what Thanksgiving means to them, and what they have planned with friends and family.

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Interview with Lori Woolard
(@SunnyGirlLori on Twitter)

Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey Drive

Interview with Jim Allen
(@VegOutJim on Twitter)

Check out VegOutNYC at www.meetup.com/vegout-nyc/
Jim recommends ManifestVegan.com for some vegan, gluten-free recipes by Allyson Kramer

Interview with Colleen Patrick Goudreau

(@PatrickGoudreau on Twitter)

Be sure to watch Colleen’s inspiring video:
A Vegan Thanksgiving

Colleen leaves us with her deeply moving words:

A Prayer for Humans on Behalf of Animals
My hope is that we can navigate through this world with the grace and integrity of those who need our protection. May we have the sense of humor and liveliness of the goats; may we have the maternal instincts and protective nature of the hens and the sassiness of the roosters. May we have the gentleness and strength of the cattle, and the wisdom, humility, and serenity of the donkeys. May we appreciate the need for community as do the sheep and choose our companions as carefully as do the rabbits. May we have the faithfulness and commitment to family of the geese, the adaptability and affability of the ducks. May we have the intelligence, loyalty, and affection of the pigs and the inquisitiveness, sensitivity, and playfulness of the turkeys.

My hope is that we learn from the animals what we need to become better people.
~Colleen Patrick-Goudreau



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