Episode 11 – Interview: Rachel Meeropol on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


Episode 11
(Air Date: December 10th, 2012)

Rachel Meeropol is currently the lead counsel on Blum v. Holder, a first amendment challenge to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).  Today she discusses with us the legal battle to hopefully overturn this unconstitutional law which stands in the way of animal activists and our first amendment rights.

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Interview with Rachel Meeropol (Center for Constitutional Rights)
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Rachel Meeropol has worked at the Center for Constitutional Rights since 2002. She is the co-editor and primary author of the Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook, a widely-requested resource for prisoners, and the editor of America’s Disappeared: Secret Imprisonment, Detainees, and the “War on Terror,” (Seven Stories Press, 2005). Rachel is currently lead counsel on Turkmen v. Ashcroft, the class action suit on behalf of Arab and Muslim men rounded up in immigration sweeps after 9/11, and Blum v. Holder, a first amendment challenge to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.  She also represents federal prisoners held in the Bureau of Prisons’ secretive “communication management units” in Aref v. Holder.

Rachel was counsel on the amicus briefs in the SHAC 7 trial (SHAC stands for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty).  The SHAC 7 were convicted of “animal enterprise terrorism” under the original AEPA law (Animal Enterprise Protection Act) for running a controversial website that posted news of both legal and illegal actions against an animal testing company.



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