Episode 3 – Interview: Vegan Pilot Marty


(Air Date: June 30, 2012)

Special thanks to Marty for having such a fun chat with us about traveling as a vegan. THANKS MARTY!

Check out Vegan Pilot Marty’s amazing blog!

Marty also wrote an awesome post for Vegansaurus about being a pro traveling vegan, check that out too!

The website we mention about 1000 times in this episode is Happy Cow. It’s a must for locating great vegan eats!

Keep an eye on Marty’s blog and our FB page for updates on the Vegan Mentor program he’s launching we’re excited about it and will be sure to tell you how to get involved!

That’s all we got for our very first bonus episode and stay tuned for Episode 4 coming soon……………..



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3 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Interview: Vegan Pilot Marty”

  1. I am so happy to have found your podcast! Thank you for sharing your “finds” and experiences as vegans! I look forward to the next episode.

    1. AWESOME! I cannot imiange that someone would not pick this up. You’ve all done a great job with this pilot. I especially like the food expert’s awareness of factory farming and the conditions of farm-raised seafood. This is something most people are not aware of and won’t hear anywhere else.I wish you luck in getting this on air. I will post this on my blog and FB to get the word out. Thanks for all you do!

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