Vegan Mofo

Wholesome Chow!

Laura made her first gluten free cake this week! Needless to say she was pretty nervous. I have never made a gluten free cake before. Frankly I haven’t tasted many gluten free treats that I like either. Barbara over at Gone PIe makes wonderful brownies and cookies and I’ve enjoyed many Babycakes treats as well, …

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Ben and Brown Food

Hey Everyone! Ben and Laura have been tracking their food for Vegan Mofo to help decide what they want to feature on their posts. The other day, after photographing all his food, Ben had a brown epiphany!  After a thrilling “Waacking” class at with the amazing Princess Lockerooo at Broadway Dance Center. I stopped by …

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Sick as a Mofo!

Hey everyone! Bad news over in CA, Laura has caught a terrible bug! To fix herself up she whipped up a big batch of her favorite “get well soup.” (the vegan “chicken soup” if you will) The recipe comes from Big Fat Vegan Hero Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who you can learn more about on her wonderful …

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